Harmony for the Holidays: Unlock your Heart Intelligence  
Discover the power of HeartMath and Meditation on Sunday November 19, 2023 8pm-9:30pm EST.  The holidays can be wonderful yet stressful. Come learn some ways to prepare to your mind and heart.

What You'll Learn
Unlock Inner Harmony

Equip yourself with practical tools to bounce back from emotional challenges during this upcoming holiday season

Reduce Stress

 Learn science-backed techniques to harmonize your heart and mind, creating a state of inner calm and resilience
Emotional Well Being

Discover how to regulate your emotions effectively in the moment to navigate those difficult holiday situations
Let's start your Happy Holidays here!

Backed by cutting-edge science and ancient wisdom, this transformative experience you will be able to walk away with:

  • A fusion of HeartMath techniques and meditation practices

  • A 6 minute guided meditation
Don't miss this opportunity to start your holidays in heart coherence!

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