It's time to meet her again.

The Magnificent You Retreat

York, Maine
October 21-24, 2021

A 4-Day, small group immersion experience to help you rediscover and celebrate the magnificent you
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Do you find yourself flustered and feeling overwhelmed by all of the everyday stresses?

Do you give yourself time daily to rest and rejuvenate?

When was the last time you described yourself as Magnificent?

Do you wonder how it would feel to really feel that way?
I invite you to sit and think about it for a moment:
Really... how would that feel to be magnificent?

Or to feel splendid, spectacular, impressive, striking, glorious, superb, majestic, awesome, awe-inspiring, breathtaking...

...not just to say it, but to feel it deep in your soul?

Then life moves right back in, and you put those thoughts to the back of your mind and priorities (sound familiar?)

It's time to take time out from your ridiculously busy schedule to rejuvenate and bring back that sense of calmness and joy in you.

Come and Spend three nights and four days with other women who also want to be refreshed, nourished and pampered.

This experience will foster life-long friendships with other women

We will move experience various forms of visualization, breathing techniques, and meditations to release what no longer serves you

In-person experiences create the space for bringing out that magnificent you. There is nothing quite like it!

You'll leave with a renewed feeling of peace, calm, joy, and connection and a community of women that will support you not only during the retreat but ongoing!

The Details
Hosted at The Willows--a beautiful Victorian home at Short Sands located in beautiful York, Maine

October 21st through October 24th, 2021

The journey to discover your magnificent self:

Thursday, October 21

  • Afternoon Arrival
  • Group Dinner
  • Session One

Session One - The Acorn
After dinner, 7 to 9 pm

The acorn principle tells you to look inside and discover what is the seed of your being. If you provide the right conditions and circumstances that fulfill and exceed the needs of an acorn, you are going to become a magnificent oak tree.

The Oak tree is one of the most loved trees in the world, and with good reason. It's a symbol of strength, morale, resistance and knowledge. ... Oak is often associated with honor, nobility, and wisdom as well thanks to its size and longevity

Let's explore what you really want for yourself.

Meditation: Evening meditation reflection of what you want

Friday, October 22

  • Sunrise meditation walking, visioning your future
  • Breakfast at beach, Nubble Lighthouse or front porch
  • Session Two - The Willow
  • Lunch
  • Afternoon free time to connect, bond and reflect
  • Group dinner
  • Evening group meditation on letting go

Session Two - The Willow
9am to 1 pm

The willow tree gives us hope, a sense of belonging, and safety. Furthermore, the ability to let go of the pain and suffering to grow new, strong and bold. 

The image of the willow tree is our path to stability, hope, and healing

Saturday, October 23

  • Early morning meditation lying down on mat at beach 
  • Light breakfast & coffee
  • Learn to Self Pamper with Reflexology - Special session with Louise Devlin
  • Lunch
  • Session 3 - Being the Lighthouse: The Magnificent You
  • Group Dinner: traditional Maine lobster dinner
  • Fire and s'mores!
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Session Three - Being the Lighthouse: The Magnificent You
9am to 1 pm

Generally, lighthouses have been: beacons of civilization, architectural icons, symbols of human presence and safety, and navigational guides. They have also represented: a rugged coastal lifestyle, protection, salvation, guidance, illumination, never-ceasing watchfulness, steadfast endurance, and helpfulness.

SYNONYMS: splendid, spectacular, impressive, striking, glorious, superb, majestic, awesome, awe-inspiring, breathtaking.

Saturday Special Session - Learn to Self Pamper with Reflexology

The concept behind reflexology is that pressure is placed in a certain section of the foot, and in turn, that corresponds with a certain area of the body. For example, a spot on the top of the foot will provide relief from pain in the head and promote restorative sleep.

If the foot receives a complete, thorough massage, it's as if the entire body received the massage as well. It's surprisingly easy to do foot reflexology at home and your whole body will thank you for it.

Sunday, October 24

  • Early morning walking meditation
  • Wrap up with group brunch at the famous Union Bluff Hotel's Union Grill
  • Depart for home

What's included

  • Workshops and sessions to bring out the Magnificent You
  • Several Meditation types including sitting, walking, standing and laying
  • Learn how to use your breathing to change your body chemistry
  • Gourmet meals, including a lobster dinner
  • To wind up the retreat, brunch at a fabulous local restaurant
  • Swag bag with so many treats and treasures
  • Accommodations at a beautiful victorian overlooking the ocean, The Willows

What will you leave with:

Memories of a lifetime

Lifelong relationships with other women that you have met

More important than anything else:
A renewed and re-found feeling of deep love and appreciation for yourself

Skills to use daily that are not cumbersome or overly burdening to maintain your renewed sense
of magnificence

And you also will be supporting other women and children:
10% of proceeds will be donated to Operation Underground Railroad

This United States-based nonprofit organization has a stated goal to assist government
agencies in the rescue of human trafficking and sex trafficking victims, with a special focus on children, with the wider goal of eliminate sex trafficking world-wide.

Your Facilitators
Angela Orr

 Angela is a certified life coach, certified HeartMath practitioner, pharmacist of 36 years and serial entrepreneur. Her mission as the pill-less pharmacist is to help others to activate their internal pharmacy naturally with simple and profound tools and technology. This results in increased clarity, energy and inner calm and decreased stress, anxiety and sleeplessness.

Louise Devlin

Louise received her Massage Licensure after completing The Therapeutic Massage Program at Spa Tech Institute in Portland, Maine. Her training consists of Swedish, deep tissue, pregnancy, neuromuscular and myofascial massage modalities. Louise also received extensive training in Sacral Cranial therapy as well as hand and foot reflexology. She studied under Aaron Mattes and provides Isolated Stretching for her clients when needed. She is a certified Personal Trainer and a certified My skeletal Alignment PR practitioner through the Erik Dalton Freedom from Pain Institute. Louise has had training in healing energy therapies as well . She is Reiki II certified and provides Polarity and Chrystal Healing Therapy. She is also proud to offer Pulsed Electromagnetic Field Therapy and LifeBreath to her clients as drug free ways to attain better health. Louise takes pride in offering the healing power of Conscious Touch. Re-Awakening Therapuetic Bodywork

Come learn and experience the wonderful chemistry where sisters, nature, fun, education and healing combine for a magical once-in-a-lifetime getaway
Included in Your Retreat Investment
✨Accommodations at a beautiful victorian home on Short Sands Beach in beautiful York, Maine
     Value: $500 
✨Gourmet breakfast, lunch and dinners which will nourish your body and soul
     Value: $500 
✨Swag Bag full of fun surprises to not only use during the retreat but also ongoing to continue living the Magnificent You life
     Value: $200 
✨Session presentations by your hosts who are not only accomplished pharmacists but are well established and sought after coaches and guides in the personal development field. They use their incredible pharmacy knowledge (a total of over 50 years pharmacist experience) combined with their talents and additional training/certifications in the personal development field.
     Value: $2000 
✨Learning techniques and mindset skills that you can carry with you lifelong.
     Value: $1000 
✨A private member portal that will contain valuable information and recordings with lifetime access. Pre retreat zoom sessions and coaching to be held to prepare us so we can optimize our time together as you continue your Magnificent You journey. Some of the session teachings will be recorded and placed into the vault.
     Value: $1000 
✨Memories to be captured by a professional photographer with access to these photos.
     Value: $800 
✨Contribution to Operation Underground Railroad
A percentage of your retreat investment will be earmarked for our contribution to this wonderful organization that is committed to serving those trapped in a world that is unknown to most of us. Those who are trafficked and held as human slaves. They not only rescue but are committed to the rehabilitation of the victims and their families.
     Value: Priceless 
✨Friendships and sisterhood bonds that will be there lifelong for you. It is not only your journey to the Magnificent you ,it is the community of like minded women!
     Value: Priceless

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  • Light breakfast & coffee
  • Learn to Self Pamper with Reflexology - Special session with Louise Devlin
  • Lunch
  • Session 3 - Being the Lighthouse: The Magnificent You
  • Group Dinner: traditional Maine lobster dinner
  • Fire and s'mores!

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Let's go!

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have early access pricing? 

 Early bird special through July 31st can be found in our Facebook community

Find the coupon code in the community Facebook Group

What airport should I fly into?

Portland, Maine airport, 40 miles away

Boston, MA Logan Aiport, 63 miles away 

We will help to coordinate shared transportation to and from the event.

What is your Covid Policy?

We are committed to keeping everyone safe while traveling and moving about the retreat.

You will be socially distanced in the retreat, with the option to wear a mask.

There will also be a COVID waiver for you to sign upon check out to ensure safety for everyone coming.

Is there a virtual option?

The best way to experience this type of transformation is in person, so a virtual option is not available.

Are prices based on single or double occupancy?

Listed rates are for double occupancy.

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