Are you overwhelmed by stress, anxiety, and a constant battle with your health and emotions? 

What If I told you there is a solution that DOES NOT require medication, wine, overeating, or anything outside of you?

If you are tired of feeling exhausted even after a full night's 
rest - or sick of needing endless amounts of coffee just to function during the day I have something just for you!

I invite you to join my transformative program
ABC 3 Steps to Permanent Change Assess, Blueprint, Commit  
where you'll embark on a life-changing journey. 

This program is for you if you:

  • Live in a constant state of worry and anxiety
  • Can’t seem to shake your daily brain fog
  • Have trouble turning your brain off enough to get a good night’s rest 
  • Feel as though you should have better control over your emotions and health but can’t seem to figure it out
  • Feel like your health is deteriorating and are experiencing some newer physical challenges - like weight gain, heart palpitations, indigestion
  • HAVE NO energy 
  • Have tried EVERY other modality and method from counseling to medication but nothing has worked

Say goodbye to anxiety, stress, and depleting emotions that drains your energy. 
Say hello to self regulation of your emotions and increased resilience!

In this program we will break down:

✔️ Where are you now from a judgement free zone
✔️ Where do you want to be
✔️How do you get there
✔️ What tools can I use to help me get there
✔️ How do I set up a system that I can maintain in my busy life

Imagine a morning where you aren’t sluggish and don’t need 2-3 cups of coffee to get your day started or an evening where you don’t need to ‘unwind’ with 2-3 glasses of wine. 


Imagine a LIFE where you can regulate your emotions and genuinely live day-to-day completely peace, free from anxiety and stress!

Sounds impossible, huh?! 
Let me tell you why it’s not...

Hi! I’m Angela Orr,

A pharmacist for over 39 years turned certified life coach and HeartMath practitioner. My turning point came in 2013 with a breast cancer diagnosis, a wake-up call to the harsh reality of my inner turmoil. Despite a successful career and a fulfilling personal life, I was struggling with deep-seated stress and anxiety, which manifested in my health and well-being.

This challenge propelled me on a transformative journey. Leveraging my expertise in pharmacy and holistic wellness, I not only overcame my health crisis but also unearthed powerful strategies for stress and anxiety management.

Now, I'm committed to guiding others through their transformative journeys. With a blend of professional knowledge and personal experience, I help people find balance, health, and inner peace.

Take a look at what a few of my clients had to say …

      I struggle with managing my anxiety consistently and struggle with extra heartbeats during higher times of stress which of course, causes me more stress! I started working with Angela to help me manage it better and have not regretted it. She helped me to understand the importance of being in a coherent state and showed me the tools to help me achieve it. In addition, she was an incredible support to me and helped me to understand my emotions better and help me break through the noise. Her technique works and I can tell a difference on the days that I do not do it which only reinforces to me the importance of being consistent. My extra heartbeats have minimized and I am able to go through my day in a more positive, uplifted state. Working with Angela was a pleasure and my life is better because of it."

 Jacqueline O. 

       Angela helped me to figure out how to get my mind, body and heart back in sync whenever I feel nervous and excited energy.  
The breathing techniques reconnected me to my inner peace and awareness. I loved that I could just do the techniques shown quickly from wherever I am at. I would recommend Angela to anyone who is experiencing difficulty continuing to take action steps toward their goals, but don’t have a ton of time to unravel all the stories and limiting beliefs that are keeping them stuck."
Danielle P.

       In January I was invited to join Angela McGarrigle Orr in her group “Healing your heart to heal your mind & body”. I’m happy I joined! Each week we talked about issues that were blocking us from being the person we knew we could be. The topics & insights helped me overcome my mental blocks & challenged me to change small habits ! At the end of our 30 day challenge my mindset grew, my confidence grew, my self love grew! I accomplished something I’ve been “ thinking about” for a long time & now I’m learning to build a website for my paintings! Accomplishing this has stirred a new energy in me & now I’m moving forward again! TY Angela for inviting me to your group. It was well worth it!"

Lisa O.

Transformation does not happen by CHANCE. It happens by CHOICE.
What are you choosing for yourself today?

By the end of this program, you will:

  • Live a life YOU LOVE.
  • Have more energy and excitement to do the things that make you happy.
  • NOT be dependent on caffeine and mood stabilizers to get you through your day.                  
  • Automatically be able to pivot from a stressful trigger.
  • Enjoy a FULL night’s sleep.
  • Be free from the physical side effects of stress and anxiety. 

There is a version of you that exists beneath the mounds of stress and anxiety you’ve grown accustomed to wearing…
It’s time to awaken them! 
Don't Just Dream of a Better Life – Step Into It. Your Transformation Begins Now.